Sunday, 11 January 2015

Color Studio Professional High Shine Lip Gloss

HI Today I am going to review my favorite lip glosses.Color studio professional high shine lip glosses They have beautiful colors and the quality is also good.Unlike others its formula is non sticky and applies smoothly on lips. the staying power of there lip glosses is also good but the shine may fade after few hours the color will still be there

These lip glosses comes in a clear tube plastic tube with a black lid on it.The brush is long with a soft pad applicator 

These glosses have good amount of product its about 7ml (0.22 oz).The glosses have a very high shine.It has a very strong fragrance which i like the most but some people may don't like it.

color studio professional lip gloss in passion fruit.

Passion fruit is a bright red color with a lot of silver glitter in it.when applied to lips it looks very nice turns in to a pinkish red color
color studio professional lip gloss in studio secrets 

Studio secrets is a mid tone pink color it look more like  light purple in tube but once applied on lips it turns into a nice pink color. I like to wear it alone on bare lips so it gives a nice shine to lips.
color studio professional lip gloss in night out

Night out is a golden lip gloss with a lot of glitters and sparkles in it.This one have a lot of glitter which feels chunky on lips so i always wear a lip balm underneath.

This is how they looks on arm from left to right (studio secrets,night out and passion fruit)

I love these lip glosses and recommend u to give them a try 

1.The colors are very fresh and beautiful.
2.Easy to use and carry.
3.Nice smell.
4.Affordable price.
1.Do not stay all day on lips.
2.Some time the glitter feel chunky on lip.

These lip glosses are priced as rs.300. But i got them on sale so it cost rs.250 each 

I give them 4/5.
                                     i will be waiting for your comments :)
                                                Quratulain tayyab


  1. Such an gorgeous shades :) need these now *_* Added these to my list now.hehe and i see some improvement in your review :) keep it up :)

  2. thanks dear and yes the shades and quality is awsome :)

  3. lovely shades and nice review :)

  4. nice review
    it appears that you are a new blogger well best of luck with your blogging..:)
    check out my blog too