Friday, 16 January 2015

Rivaj Uk 8 in 1 Blusher Kit - Review

Hey! Guys today i am going to review on Rivaj uk 8 in 1 Blusher Kit. I buy it a few months back and i want to share this with all of u :)

This Palette comes in Four varieties.they all have different colors i have one in code D 
the colors are very pigmented. this palette contains different colors . this palette  contains both matte and shimmer finish.

They have no name so i give them numbers :)

so lets talk about the colors :)
1.This one is a coral color with i love the most it has matte finish.
2.This is a peach color with little gold shimmer when applied to checks looks so nice.
3.This is a bright pink color with matte finish.
4.This one is my most favorite a beige color with gold and silver shimmer.

5.This one is also a peach color with no shimmer in it.
6.This one is a dark pink color with matte finish.
7,This is a tea pink color with silver shimmer.
8.This one is a brown color with no shimmer.

These blushes are very easy to blend and apply they are easy to use.The formula is powdery sometimes the brush get  lot of this so just tap off the excess.i use it on pressed powder and keep a light hand so they don't look patchy on skin they keep on skin for a good time like four to five hours.
i like these blushers and recommend you to give them a try.


1.These blushers have bright colors.
2.These are pigmented.
3.Variety of colors.
4.Affordable price.


1.The formula is powdery.


i buy this kit for Rs,550.


I give them 3.5/5   

                                         Waiting for your comments :)
                                                      Quratulain Tayyab


  1. This palette looks good for such reasonable price :)

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